Create your own sunglass chain

For those of us always juggling a bunch of things and loosing our glasses and now more recently, our masks. Create a fun and functional strap to help you stay organised and add some fun to your everyday look.

You will need:

  • Cord
  • beads
  • eyeglass chain ends

Thread the cord through one of the eyeglass chain ends. Tie it into a double knot. Trim any excess cord. To secure it properly, burn the very tip of the end of that cord until the cord melts into a small ball. This will prevent the knot from slipping.

Burn the the tip of the cord on the other side that you will use to thread the beads through.

Thread the beads one by one and continue until you've reached the desired length.

Thread on the other chain end, tie into a double knot, trim and then carefully burn the end.

(You can do the same for the mask chain by replacing the eyeglass chain ends with your clasps).

Remember there is no right or wrong way to to this, but most importantly play and have fun!